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Teresa Schippel Hales

Teresa is a painter, photographer and printmaker taking inspiration from nature

Teresa Schippel Hales is a painter, photographer and printmaker, fascinated by the various processes and the tactile qualities involved in etching and printing. Often starting with photographs, Teresa takes inspiration from nature. From the interplay of sunlight with the formation of shadows and silhouettes, to the reflections found in water. Clouds, dramatic and threatening, or light and insubstantial, create a unique and limitless visual theatre. Other work takes inspiration from functional, man-made objects. She finds beauty in the mundane: padlocks, keys, tools, bikes, books and tables and chairs.  It is not just the forms and texture of the objects themselves, but the compositional qualities and relationship between positive & negative that fascinate Teresa. Teresa’s etching, ‘Deal Pier’, won the Lowes Dickinson prize for printmaking in 2019. ‘Bike, Kentish Town’ recently won the WMC Witold LibraryPrize.  ‘Deal Pier, Cloudy Day’ was shortlisted for the Royal AcademySummer Exhibition in 2019 and ‘Bathroom, Holt’ was shortlisted for Summer Exhibition in 2020.  Four recent etchings are also in the second round of judging for the Visual Arts Open.  


Next at the Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm 2024