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Jane Lydbury

Jane Lydbury is a printmaker and illustrator creating intricate wood engravings

Jane Lydbury has worked as a printmaker and illustrator.  She has had work published in books by both commercial and private presses, & has also exhibited her prints widely, including at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.  Her inspiration continues to be English and European literature, both contemporary and ancient.  Her work is people-centred and is underpinned by an interest in the workings of the unconscious as expressed in myth and legend.  She has her own long-term project to illustrate Ovid’s Metamorphoses with wood engravings, and is currently working on an engraved panoramic view of Greenwich Park about 75 cm.s wide, combining engraving polymer and wood, which will be available at the Fair.

Most of her illustrations are done as wood engravings, a traditional technique of hand-cutting an image on a small end-grain boxwood block, and then printing it.  There is no “original” as such, each print is hand-printed by the artist in a limited edition of 60 to 100.


  • North London Printmakers Jane Lydbury Gardener Wood Engraving £105
    Jane Lydbury, Gardener, Wood Engraving, Edition of 60, 15x11cm, Framed: £105, Unframed: £85
  • North London Printmakers Jane Lydbury Critical care Wood Engraving £105
    Jane Lydbury, Critical care, Wood Engraving, Edition of 60, 11.5x14cm, Framed: £105, Unframed: £85, 2017
  • North London Printmakers Jane Lydbury Day (The Song of Solomon) Wood Engraving £220
    Jane Lydbury, Day (The Song of Solomon), Wood Engraving, Edition of 60, 13x8cm, Framed: £220, Unframed: £200
Next at the Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead, May 2023.