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Hil Scott

Hil Scott works with photographs to create photo etchings, mono prints and solar etchings

Hil Scott started to work with photographs, using photo etching, combined with more traditional printmaking and drawing methods, as her medium. She is now beginning to move into making more mono prints and collages, using the above methods, combining with digital printing and has started to use solar etching and water based inks.

Her subject is the changing face of London, the demolition of buildings and the rebuilding of new, the movement of people through the city and the oddities of detail and reflection and strange corners that occur in a large city.


  • North London Printmakers Hil Scott Eye above tree Etching 165
    Hil Scott, Eye above tree, Painted etching, Edition of 1, 12x13.5 cm, Framed: £165, Unframed: £125, 2015
  • North London Printmakers Hil Scott Zigzag reflections Intaglio £165
    Hil Scott, Zigzag Reflections, Tetra Pak colour intaglio, Edition of 1, 21x 30cm, 2018
  • North London Printmakers Hil Scott, Eye with Hayward and Gormleyman etching £165
    Hil Scott, Eye with Hayward and Gormley man, Etching, Edition of 25, 34.5x36.5 cm, Framed: £165, Unframed: £115, 2008
Next at the Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead, May 2023.